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Cheap leasing deals on the BMW 1 Series range

BMW have gone down the same route as Audi and other high end marques in terms of the ?build your car? concept. To be fair it isn?t a bad idea at all because it allows toy to add whatever specification, gadgets, bits and bobs you fancy before making a visit to your local dealer.

We?ll get to the leasing part further on but the build your car concept does at least tell you what you are going to pay for your car before trying to knock the dealer down in price ? if you?re lucky.

All these bits and pieces you add on whilst dreaming about your new BMW 1 Series car will obviously cost you dearly with anything from metallic paint or fine wood trim to wheels, special seats and any extras you can dream up and the final bill could well be in the thousands of ??? s.

OK so far, and then you wake up! But there is another way which allows you to have the higher spec 1 Series and that is through a company such as ours who offer car leasing deals for BMW s. Lease a BMW 1 Series and you make affordable monthly repayments to your lease over a period of 1, 2 or 3 years, and by leasing you will find that there is no large lump sum of money to find for the deal.

Nor are there any hefty interest bills to pay back as you would have to were the car on hire purchase. The particular BMW 1 Series model which you lease is entirely up to you but we can say that the first advantage you will have is that your new car is delivered directly to your door anywhere on the UK mainland.

Under the terms of the lease you will have virtually no bills to pay with regard to your BMW other than car insurance and whatever fuel you use. All servicing and road tax bills are covered by the lease, and this applies both to private and business lessees.

Lease a BMW 1 Series for business purposes though and you are able to offset a proportion of the lease against your company tax.

It all begs the question, ?Why buy when you can lease??


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