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We can offer the best Ford car leasing deals in the London area

The Ford motor company has come a long way since it was incorporated as a vehicle manufacturer in the early 1900's until now when it has grown into the 5th largest car manufacturer in the world. Old Henry Ford, the original founder, had a policy whereby you could have any colour of Ford so long as it was black, and leasing a Ford was not an option available in those early times.

How things change. Ford now have massive sales worldwide and some of their energies are put into innovations in their new models, a good proportion of which these days go direct to car leasing in London which has grown and grown so much in recent years.

That isn't at all surprising because of what Ford offer in their leasing deals, as a Ford on lease costs virtually nothing to run apart from the cost of fuel used.

You have no road tax to consider as that is thrown in with the lease, all servicing is taken care of too and breakdowns rarely happen, but if they do all is covered by the lease.

Leasing a Ford is easy and cheap and you don't have to put down a large lump sum of capital as you would were you to buy the car.

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