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Everyone but everyone has heard of the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most iconic models ever which ironically was designed by Ferdinand Porsche of Porsche Motors fame way back in 1938 and well before anyone at VW got around to thinking about car leasing.

Between that date and 2003 when production officially ended there had been over 21 million VW Beetles produced. Since those days Volkswagen design and engineering created lots more different models which have all been well received by the car buying public.

For the past couple of decades or more VW have become involved in leasing their cars to both personal and business users, and leasing a VW is now seen as the way forward for a great many thinking people as they soon found that they can have a new car delivered to them free of charge every two or three years, and then lease another as the first lease term ends.

This means these sensible people never visit a garage for an MOT, never have to pay for servicing and never have to pay for road tax either. Why? Because all those things are covered when you lease a new VW.

Business lessees benefit also by being able to offset a proportion of their monthly lease prepayments against tax.

Add all this up and that is probably why you see a smile on the face of VW drivers.


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