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Vauxhall car leasing ? the best way forward

Lots of people believe that the Vauxhall marque has always been a British institution but sadly they are mistaken in that belief. Vauxhall started out as a British company and made their first car in 1903, well before car leasing was ever thought of by the way.

The company made several different models and in 1923  they brought out the E-type 30-98 which became the fastest catalogued car in Britain, and shortly after that in 1925 the Vauxhall company was bought out by General Motors of America.

It was a short rein by the Brits we have to say but since then of course Vauxhall has evolved enormously into the models you see on our roads today. Nowadays of course, Vauxhall are especially popular in both direct sales to business and private individuals and well as the business sector.

This is borne out again by the number of Vauxhall cars which are now leased instead of purchased as leasing cars has also grown in popularity over the past couple of decades.

We believe that leasing a Vauxhall is possibly the best way of having a new car every few years as leasing means that you will never ever have to dip into your pocket to find money for servicing or road tax, and you will never ever have to take your leased car for an MOT either.

What you do have to pay for though are things such as car insurance and fuel. Not only that, but business lessees can also put a proportion of their monthly payments against tax.

Just think then when you are about to change your car next time; when you lease a Vauxhall you have no lump sum to outlay for an outright purchase or via HP, and you have no running costs other than the fuel you use, and we will even deliver your newly leased Vauxhall straight to your door ?Free of course!


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