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Best car leasing deals in London for BMW

BMW cars are one of the top marques in the country so far as car leasing is concerned, and the BMW company has invested heavily to the tune of 1 billion since the year 2000. Some of this has been used for production of current models, some for planning new models, manufacture and retailing too.

The UK is the third largest market for the manufacturer of BMW marques and the second biggest production base for the BMW Group worldwide.

We know full well that a good number of the BMW cars produced annually go directly to leasing customers, the type of customer who is smart, savvy and as sophisticated as the marque they have chosen to lease. A match made in heaven then, or at least in Hams Hall, Oxford, the first BMW engine production plant built outside of Germany and Austria.

A BMW is the perfect car for both personal and business leasing and it shows the world that you are upmarket in your personal life and with a sophisticated taste as far as driving a car around all day on business is concerned.

we know the advantages of leasing a BMW over a cash purchase or buying it via HP, and the first one is that your newly leased BMW is delivered directly to your door. Another is that when leasing a BMW you don't suffer the consequences of depreciation to the same extent as you do when you buy a car, and for business lessees there is always the advantage of being able to offset a proportion of the monthly lease repayments against tax.

Leasing a new BMW when you next change your car would be a smart move.


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