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Cheap leasing deals on Mazda cars in London

Mazda was originally founded in 1920 as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. Ltd, and after a rather chequered history in manufacturing armaments and the like it began to produce motor cars, and the name of Mazda was formally adopted in 1984, even though cars carrying that name were already in production.

Mazda cars lend themselves particularly well to both personal and business car leasing because the powers that be in the Mazda factory know what their customers want from their vehicles. That being the case they are now one of the foremost car manufacturers in the car leasing sector of the motor trade.

So whatever model you are looking for you might consider this time taking out a lease on a new Mazda from one of our London dealers instead of going down the old route of either an outright purchase or buying on HP.

Either way means that you will have to part with a sizeable chunk of your hard earned money, and in the case of an HP deal you will have to pay interest as well as your repayments.

But whilst we acknowledge that leasing a new Mazda means that you will never actually own the car you will have certain serious advantages over those who buy instead of leasing.

Just imagine that the only expenses you would have with a new car involve paying for fuel and car insurance for the term of the lease. There are no service costs and no road tax to pay, and later on there are no breakdown costs to pay either.

That is part of what you get when you lease a Mazda.

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