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Kia car leasing in London for quality motoring and value for money

As we have mentioned on another page, Kia is a part of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, and together this giant car manufacturer has risen to be the 4th largest in the world. Kia HQ is in Seoul, South Korea but it has operations in 155 countries worldwide.

Kia has massive worldwide car sales and some years ago decided to enter into the car leasing business which it saw was a hugely expanding marketplace, and nowadays Kia is at the forefront of car leasing due in part to understanding of the importance of producing vehicles that meet the needs of individual markets.

The Kia name means "rising out of Asia", and that has proved to be so true as their models are manufactured with care and with a keen eye given to quality control, after all, when did you last see a Kia at the side of the road awaiting the breakdown truck? Kia car leasing models in London have exactly the same quality control.

Were you to buy any of the Kia models outright you would of necessity have to part with a large sum of money which could well be used for other purposes. Similarly when you purchase one on HP to a lesser degree, but in both cases you are liable for servicing costs and road tax too, but when leasing any Kia model that doesn?t apply.

Lease any Kia and you will find that all servicing is covered in the terms of the contract. Road tax is also covered for you, so in effect, when you are leasing a Kia car all you have to spend on is fuel and road insurance.

Surely that must be one of the best leasing deals on the planet!

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