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Car lease, car leasing deals in Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, or Newcastle for short, is the 16th most populous city in England and the traditional county town of Northumberland. The city came into being circa 1080 AD on the north bank of the river Tyne, and in later days became a major centre of the wool trade and the coal industry.

This is all fine and dandy but our aim is to persuade more of the good people of Newcastle into taking out a lease next time they change their cars as we have some significant arguments in favour of car leasing against the more traditional method of acquiring a car by cash purchase or HP.

First of all though, should you agree to leasing a new car, it will be delivered straight to your door in Newcastle, and not only that but for the duration of the lease you pay no service charges or road tax because they are all covered for you. This applies to private and business leasing.

Business lessees get lucky for once in that they can offset a proportion of the car leasing repayments against tax.

That?s better than having to lay out a huge lump sum to buy a car isn?t it?

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