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Car leasing deals in London on Nissan models

In 1928 Nippon Industries was formed, which became abbreviated to Nissan sometime during the 1930's making it a relative newcomer to car manufacturing. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1999 but underwent a massive revival which has seen this conglomerate come back into the black.

Since those dark days we have seen Nissan cars on the road worldwide with a fair proportion of them being leased by contented customers. Customers are happy with their Nissan models because the company places great emphasis on finding out precisely what they want in a new car, whether they buy it or lease it over a period of years. Nissan car leasing in London has escalated beyond belief!

We are also happy with this turnaround in Nissan's fortunes as their models have carved their niche in the car leasing world and are as sought after and popular as many of the other makes.

As is usual on our pages we have to make a comment or two about the advantages of leasing a Nissan over purchasing one outright or by hire purchase.

One huge advantage for business users is that they can offset a fair proportion of their monthly lease payments against tax, and surely this must be quite an incentive for any car owning company?

Other savings are made by both personal and business lessees because neither party has to spend hard earned money on servicing costs or road tax.

Lease a Nissan and just add fuel!

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