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Mercedes car leasing in London

Mercedes are one of the most prestigious marques for leasing and it is obvious that the manufacturers have taken particular care to understand precisely what their customers want when they take delivery of a new car.

Leasing any model of Mercedes in London is easy and is arranged with the minimum of fuss, hassle and haggling which one normally associates with buying a new car.

Mercedes have also paid attention to the like and otherwise of both personal and business lessees, and quite rightly too as a good proportion of their production nowadays goes directly to the leasing sector.

It is clear that Mercedes have found their niche in this luxury car leasing market and are thriving partly because of it, and the company has come a long, long way from those early days since 1886 when Karl Benz developed the first petrol powered car, though we have to stress that leasing was not an option in that era!

You may have thought of buying your next Mercedes outright which will involve handing over a considerable amount of hard cash which arguably could be put to other uses, or you may have considered purchasing your Mercedes through HP which again means paying a hefty lump sum to a dealer, but there again you may have considered leasing your next Mercedes and this makes far more sense.

Lease your next Mercedes and you will never pay for servicing and you will never pay for road tax because both of these expenses are covered in the terms of the lease. All you have to find is money to fill the tank now and then, and car insurance of course.

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