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It was circa 1936 when Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, set about getting what is now the world?s largest car manufacturing company off the ground ? with a little financial help from his already wealthy industrialist father, and the company ethos was and still is, 'Good thinking. Good products', but sadly Toyota was unable to offer their clients car leasing as that had yet to be invented.

The Toyota company grew and grew like Topsy until their production numbered in the millions annually, and you would be hard put to visit any country in the world these days where you don?t encounter Toyota cars or trucks. The marque is now so prolific that it was the first manufacturer ever to sell over 100 million cars in 2008.

Toyota success in making new cars was compounded when it became involved in car leasing, and now the company sends a substantial proportion of its newly manufactured vehicles directly to car leasing companies where they are snapped up by eager people wanting a new Toyota model to lease for a period of years. Toyota leasing in London has increased dramatically in recent years.

Leasing a Toyota has some advantages over buying one, and the first is that every newly leased car is delivered free to any address on the UK mainland. Not only that but they are serviced free of charge over the lease term and the road tax is paid for you as well.

Business users leasing Toyota cars find that they can offset some of their monthly lease payments against tax too, so basically, all you have to do with a new Toyota is to add fuel and buy some car insurance.

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