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Best Citroen car leasing deals in London

Citroen has  become a firm favourite within London and the UK car leasing fraternity in recent years, and there are nearly always leasing deals available for both personal and business leasing throughout the Citroen range.

The Citroen car company was founded in 1919 by the then French industrialist Andre-Gustave Citroen, though leasing was not an option in those days; it being a much later concept of course.

Citroen emerged as the first mass production car company outside of the US, and it quickly became the largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and the 4th largest in the world. This took around 8 years but the marque has made incredible inroads into the world of car manufacturing since then.

Since those early days the Citroen company has developed a great many new models and are always planning more innovative and stylish interiors and exteriors, all of which makes Citroen more attractive for customers to purchase and lease, and because car leasing is now such a large and successful part of the whole motor trade business the management of Citroen are always seeking to make their cars more attractive to the leasing market.

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