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Car lease, car leasing deals in Leeds

Leeds is a rapidly growing city in west Yorkshire and is the largest centre in the country outside of London for business, legal and financial services, so this alone makes it one very important city both now and in the past when it was a major centre of the wool industry together with other industrial bases such as Flax, iron foundries, engineering and printing services.

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But nice as all this is it is a far cry from our main aim of this page which is to persuade more residents of Leeds to take up car leasing when they are ready to change their cars next time as leasing a car these days has some significant advantages over car purchase.

The first one is that all newly leased cars are delivered to your door in Leeds totally free of charge, and this applies to both private lessees as well as business users.

That is only a courtesy thing and soon forgotten but you will find that when leasing a new car all your servicing costs and road tax payments are met by your dealer and you have nothing to pay in extras at all save for your car insurance and the fuel you use.

We believe that the forward looking inhabitants of Leeds will take to car leasing like a duck to water!

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