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Deals and promotions for Lexus leasing in London and district

Take out a lease on any Lexus model, the high end produce of the Toyota Motor Corporation, and the first Lexus was produced in the US in 1989, so this marque is one of the latest to his the motoring world.

It is also one of the most reliable, comfortable and powerful cars which Toyota now produce, and it comes as no surprise that Lexus are sold in 70 countries now. As this is one seriously high end vehicle it should come as no surprise either to find that a substantial proportion of Lexus cars are sold direct to leasing customers.

Car leasing has become big business and Lexus have been quick to realise the potential in it for their vehicles. The company itself has taken great care to provide this luxury vehicle with an extremely high specification, to the envy of several other supposedly high end manufacturers who have found that Toyota engineering takes some beating!

So would you lease a Lexus, or would you prefer to buy one? Buying a Lexus must be nice but think about all that lovely money which has to be handed over for it. Buying one on hire purchase is worse we feel because you still have to hand over a hefty sum and then you have interest payments for years to come until you can call that car your own.

On the other hand you could think about leasing your Lexus in London and have no lump sum to pay out, no monthly payments to make, no interest to pay. Instead you would just make monthly payments to the Lexus dealer which covers all your motoring needs apart from fuel and road tax, and we will even deliver your newly leased Lexus to your door free of charge.


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