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Car lease and car leasing for Glasgow and district

Glasgow has emerged as one of the most forward looking cities in Europe and is already Scotland?s primary centre of business and industry as well as being one of the top 20 financial centres of our continent and an industrial city to boot.

In the past Glasgow relied upon shipbuilding and coal mining but the creation of the financial district there has turned it into a very upmarket location. But what has all this to do with car leasing you may be wondering?

Well the Glasgow of today has been modernised, the inhabitants have inherited a more modern lifestyle with superb architecture and a wonderful shopping district second only to London, so it follows that Glaswegians are looking to the future somewhat, and their driving future lies in leasing their cars rather than buying them either outright or via hire purchase.

Car leasing has certain advantages over car purchase for both private and business lessees, but one extra for the business user is that he/she is able to offset a portion of the monthly lease repayments against tax.

Added to that, the lease term covers all servicing costs and road tax payments, and we get to deliver the new car to your door in Glasgow free of charge!


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