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Best offers and deals on Volvo car leasing

Just to give you a potted history of the Volvo we can tell you that the first Volvo car was produced at their Gothenburg factory, one of just 280 cars made in that year. Strangely, Volvo cars were not known outside of Sweden until after the 2nd World War ended. All of this happened many years before car leasing became popular.

The Volvo car factory became busy and it was in 1999 when it was sold to the Ford Motor Company who worked with it until 2010 when they sold it on again to a Chinese company.

Volvos have always been a high end car and, therefore, relatively expensive to buy, and that particular fact is just one of the reasons why so many people prefer to have a new Volvo on lease. Another minor reason is because the new Volvo is delivered to your door free of charge to any address on the mainland.

Leasing your new Volvo makes a deal of sense when you think about it because under the terms of the lease the lessee gets all servicing done for free until the vehicle is returned to the dealer and a new lease is taken out ? probably 3 years after the first.

Road tax is paid for you as a matter of course, and all these things apply to both personal and business Volvo leasing, but the business lessee has one extra benefit in that he/she can offset a part of the monthly lease payments against tax. As we said above, Volvo car leasing makes a deal of sense

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