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The university town of Cambridge in East Anglia with a population of around 124,000 lies on the river Cam roughly 50 miles north of London. There is some archeological evidence which suggests that the area was settled in the Bronze age and later by the Romans.

The famous Cambridge University was founded in 1209 and is now ranked in the top 5 in the world. Cambridge was granted city status in 1951.

And after that potted history of the city we can address the main topic of the page which is about the benefits of car leasing for both company and private use over car purchasing which we feel is becoming an out dated method of acquiring a new vehicle because some of our lease deals are extremely competitive.

Let?s assume that you lease a new car for 3 years, delivered free to your door by the way, and during that time all your road taxes are paid by the leasing company, who also pay for all your servicing costs for the term of the lease if you have purchased a maintenance package to go with it.

That means your only expenses for 3 years are your car insurance and whatever fuel you use. After the lease expires you simply return it to the dealer and either renew it or walk away, but you do not suffer from a financial loss due to depreciation.

OK, but had you bought the same vehicle 3 years ago and now wish to part exchange it for another new one you may well find that your car has lost up to half its value due to depreciation.

And that is a jolly good reason to lease your next car instead of laying out cash to buy it.


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