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Audi car leasing deals in the London area

Audi cars are one of the most used for personal and business car leasing and the best leasing deals in the country.

Audi, the sporty car manufacturer, is pushing to be the top premium brand in the next few years, 2015 is their goal to be precise, and to attain this prestigious position they will continue to produce some of the most sophisticated cars by using their undoubted talents in design and manufacture.

Could this be one of the reasons why Audi is one of the most sought after makes for car leasing in London and the UK as a whole? We believe that this all has had a massive effect on the leasing market to the extent where this marque has become one of the top 3 in the country preferred by lessees.

With new car sales estimated at circa 1.3 million cars worldwide in 2011, Audi has most certainly made its mark in the world of vehicle manufacture and retailing, and the company sold an impressive 113,00 in the UK the same year, many of which were used for leasing purposes.

Audi continue to invest in their present and new models and between 2011 and 2015 will have put circa ?11.6 billion into planning, design, manufacture and retailing into present and new models which will be on the market soon.

We know that the people who tend towards Audis for leasing purposes are savvy and upmarket so those attributes just match the Audi brand n?est pas?

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