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Car lease, car leasing in Sheffield

Sheffield, called Steel City, in south Yorkshire near to the border with Derbyshire is located within the valleys of the River Don and its four tributaries, the Loxley, the Porter Brook, the Rivelin, and the Sheaf.

The population of Sheffield in this industrial heartland of England is a tad over half a million which just makes it the fourth largest city in England.

That short intro into Sheffield leads us nicely to the main aim of the page which is to persuade more Sheffield people to take up car leasing the next time they change cars.

Car leasing is for forward looking people with an eye on the best deal and we have some rather persuasive arguments in favour of leasing and against buying a car in the more traditional way.

Buy your car for cash or via hire purchase and you will find that it has depreciated hugely in the first 3 years and you will have lost a serious amount of hard earned cash.

Get a good lease deal from a Sheffield dealer and at the end of three years you simply hand the car back and take out a new one. No depreciation, no service costs to pay at all over the lease period and no road tax to pay either.

When you lease a car from a dealer in Sheffield we deliver your new car direct to your door free of charge, and business users know that they can offset some of their lease repayments against tax.


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