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We offer the best car leasing terms in Chester & district

Chester is a wonderful and historic city on the River Dee and close to the Welsh border. Chester was settled by the Romans in circa 79 AD, and in later years it was the last English city to fall to the Normans in 1071.

Home to around 120,000 inhabitants it was granted city status in 1541, and it still retains the fame of being the city with the best preserved walls in Britain. One added attraction is the superb Zoo just outside the city.

What a brief but superb potted history of Chester that was, but a far cry indeed from the topic of this page which is to further explain the many benefits of car leasing over car buying for both private and company customers.

Some of our car lease deals are truly astounding and benefit personal/private customers if they cover 12,000 miles per year or more, and of course, they benefit company clients far more because they do not have the financial outlay which goes alongside vehicle purchase.

A typical lessee takes a car for a 3 year term, and alongside the lease may also purchase a maintenance package which entitles him or her to free servicing. The lease also covers all road taxes and free delivery to your home in Chester.

OK, when the lease term expires the lessee either returns the vehicle to the dealer and renews it for another new car, or simply walks away. That?s it and there is nothing further to pay.

The chap who buys his car ? for the purposes of this page it is the same make and model as the lessee has ? also decides to trade it in after 3 years but the difference is that he/she finds then that the car is worth but a fraction of the original cost.

That is why savvy individuals and companies lease their cars instead of buying them.


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