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Cheap car leasing for Bracknell and district

Bracknell in Berkshire lies roughly 30 miles west of the city of London, 11 miles southeast of Reading and about 10 miles southwest of Windsor, and the town has wooded areas to the south and east. That seems a nice place to live and bring up a family whilst being near enough to the Capital to do the daily commute.

Commuting to London City by car these days is not recommended but the alternative is either by bus (slow) or train (very expensive), so it may be the reason why a great many resident car owners of Bracknell have low mileage vehicles which they use for evenings and weekends and leave them for their partners to drive during the daytime. Could they be missing out by not leasing their cars we wonder?

Well yes, we do believe that some Bracknell residents are missing out on some motoring bargains which their neighbours have snapped up because they ?saw the light? and took to car leasing as a duck takes to water.

You see, by leasing a car instead of acquiring one the old fashioned way by actually giving a huge amount of money to a car dealer which they will never, ever see again (the money we mean, not the dealer), the can have all their road taxes and servicing costs paid for them under the terms of the lease.

This applies to all Bracknell residents whether they lease a car privately or whether a company does it for them. In fact, all they have to pay for is their car insurance and whatever fuel they use. Company lessees also have the advantage of being able to offset some of their monthly lease repayments against tax too.

All this makes us wonder just why people still buy cars when they can lease.

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