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Cheap car leasing in the Bournemouth area

Most of us either know Bournemouth or know something about the place being a large coastal resort in Dorset, and whenever there is a heatwave the newspapers seems to churn out pictures of an overcrowded beach while people like ourselves based in the Midlands are in the grip of a mini ice age.

In the year 2007 there was a national survey conducted by First Direct, and apparently 82% of Bournemouth residents voted their town as being the happiest place to live.

In a 2007 survey by First Direct, Bournemouth was found to be the happiest place in the UK, with 82% of people questioned saying they were happy with their lives. Our thoughts immediately turned to cars and motoring and we collectively thought that one of the reasons for this was because Bournemouth people lease their cars instead of buying them.

Surely that must be the reason for their happiness? It could take some proving but we sincerely believe that because there is a large percentage of car leasing drivers in Bournemouth the reason for their combined ecstasy must have more than a little to do with their standard of living and wellbeing.

Obviously a goodly number of them have secured cheap lease deals, the sort of deals in which we specialise too as we are able to offer residents of Bournemouth and district some of the best and cheapest car leasing deals this side of Texas.

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