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We offer the best car leasing terms in Cardiff and district

Cardiff, the county town of South Glamorgan and capital city of Wales, is also the 10th largest city in the UK with a population of approximately 347,000.

The city is a popular tourist centre with over 18 million visitors annually and archeological findings have discovered the region was settled well before Roman times.

And after that potted history of Cardiff we can address the main topic of the page which is car leasing, where we hope to better explain some of the more beneficial aspects of leasing and the advantages of lease deals over purchasing vehicles.

There are some well known benefits of car leasing which include having the new vehicle delivered free to your door, having all your road taxes paid for you over the term of the lease, and if you have purchased a maintenance package alongside the lease then all your servicing costs are met as well.

The big advantage which leasing a new car has over buying the same vehicle lies in the lack of depreciation of your assets. To explain that further let us assume you buy a new car and run it for 3 years after which time you decide to part exchange it for another new car.

You then find that your 3 year old car is worth up to half of your initial investment, so you have effectively lost several thousands of pounds.

Take the same make and model on a 3 year lease and after that time you return it to the dealer and possibly renew the lease on another new vehicle. There is no depreciation though and all you pay is one affordable amount every month.

Effectively then, when you take on one of our lease deals your only expenses could be for car insurance and fuel. This applies to private customers as well as company lessees.

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