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Cheap car leasing in Bridgend and district

Bridgend appears to be far older than at first thought as there have been several prehistoric burial mounds discovered in the near vicinity which suggests that the area was settled in pre-Roman times, and centuries we have to say, before cars or car leasing was dreamed about.

Bridgend is around 22 miles west of Cardiff, the Welsh capital, and it now has a thriving population of over 40,000 residents. Are all these residents happy with their lot in life we have to ask? Do they all walk about with faces wreathed in smiles? Well if so it can?t be because of their climate so something else must be making them so happy.

Our belief is that the residents of Bridgend have discovered the hugely beneficial effects of car leasing as opposed to them buying their cars the hard way by paying a dealer a large sum of money to allow them to drive it away and call it their own.

That method of acquiring a new car is well outdated these days as is the massively expensive way of buying via hire purchase where, not only do you have to pay of large amounts of interest every month, but also the car does not belong to you personally until the last installment has been handed over.

Lease a car and it never belongs to you either, but during the lease you don?t have to pay for road tax and you don?t have to pay for any servicing. In fact, all you do have to pay for is car insurance and fuel.

Company or business users who lease cars also benefit by being able to offset some of their lease repayments against tax.

We think the good people of Bridgend are canny enough to realise the benefits of car leasing now.

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