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Best deals for car leasing in the Bristol area

During the 15th century Bristol was the second most important port in England, and also one of the ports where important expeditions and trading voyages started from, but despite the importance of Bristol in those days it would be quite a few centuries before car leasing hit town.

This has always been a trading city, and built around the river Avon it also has a short coastline on the Severn Estuary, but probably the city is known for its Clifton Suspension Bridge which was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel as much as any other features.

But we digress because we wish to impress the inhabitants of Bristol that car leasing is the way forward and the very next time they are about change cars we suggest they give leasing a try because there are several important advantage with car leasing over a lump sum purchase or buying via hire purchase.

For one thing when you lease a car there is no lump sum to be put down as there is with purchasing the same vehicle. There are no interest charges levied as there are with buying a new car on HP either.

Anyone in the Bristol area leasing a new car has all the servicing and road tax paid for them under the terms of the lease, and we deliver the car to your door free of charge too.

This applies to both personal and business car leasing customers though business users have an additional advantage in that they can offset a proportion of the lease against tax.

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