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Best car leasing in Chesterfield and north Derbyshire

Years ago there were signs on the roadside of every road entering Chesterfield with the slogan, ?Welcome to Chesterfield, the Heart of Industrial England.? These days they just say, ?Welcome to Chesterfield? but they mean well.

Indeed, Chesterfield has altered much for the better during the past 15 years or so and motor traders are numerous, which means they must be doing OK because, after all, where there is competition there is money to be made and we believe that the car dealers and the car buying public here have latched on to the concept of car leasing.

Quite simply, car leasing is far less hassle than buying a car outright either by a large one off payment or by hire purchase. Under the terms of the lease pretty much everything is paid for you other than car insurance and whatever fuel you use.

Things like regular servicing and road tax are paid for you so all you have to do is to make your monthly lease repayments until the lease comes to term when you can either renew the lease and take out another new car or simply walk away.

This applies to private, personal and business lessees but business users have the advantage of being able to offset a part of their monthly repayments against tax.

We believe that all this has something to do with why car leasing is so popular in Chesterfield.

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