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Cheap car leasing for Caerphilly and district

The origins of Caerphilly seem to be when, around 75 AD the Romans built a fort and a small settlement during their conquest of Britain, very close to what is now the modern day town. Excavations in circa 1963 concluded that the Romans occupied the area and the fort for some 200 years, but that of course, was many centuries before cars and car leasing became popular in the region.

However, we have it on good authority that the residents of Caerphilly have taken to car leasing rather well and most of these ?converts? seem to think it is a far better option of acquiring a car than buying one. We agree of course!

Yes, car leasing was at one time the third option when it boiled down to how to get a new car but once people latched onto the idea that they need not lay down a huge sum of money to do so they took to leasing like ducks to water.

Now why should that be do you think? Well when you lease a car it is delivered directly to your door free of charge whether you live in Caerphilly or anywhere else on the mainland. That isn?t a huge advantage but there are other things which are.

Such as having all your servicing and road taxes paid for you during the lease term and paying just one affordable monthly lease repayment which, if you are a business lessee you can claim part of back against company tax.

Basically then, all you have to find when you lease a new car is your insurance and fuel, so why buy when you can lease for less?

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