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Best car leasing terms in Newport, Gwent

For those who don?t know, Newport in Gwent lies on the river Usk and close to the Severn estuary. Newport was first settled by the Romans at Caerleon, but became a port in medieval times. It is now the third largest city in Wales, with a population of 145,700.

All well and good but all this is well away from the topic of the page which is all about car leasing for the inhabitants of Newport and district as we are trying to persuade more of them to try leasing instead of buying their cars and wasting all that money!

When you lease the car of your choice we deliver it directly to your door in Newport, or wherever you live, and we can honestly say that our terms are as good as you can get.

First of all your road taxes are paid for you for the term of the lease, and if you take out a maintenance package for a small extra amount then you will never have to pay for servicing again! MOT tests are a thing of the past when you lease too as most leases are for 3 or 4 years though you can have one for either 1 or 2 years if you prefer.

Think of all the money you can save with one of our car lease deals just in being unaffected by depreciation alone! If you buy a new vehicle then what will it be worth after 3 years for instance?

Not a lot is the answer; probably half what you paid for it? Something like that anyway, but when you lease a car through us you don?t suffer any depreciation at all as you simply pay one affordable monthly payment, and at the end of the lease you can either return the car to your dealer and simply walk away, or renew the lease and drive away with another new car

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