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We offer cheap private & company car leasing in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is famous of course, and probably the most famous naval port in the country alongside Plymouth. The city, as it is now, was founded around 1180 by Jean de Gisors, a wealthy Norman, and from that date it gradually became a great military rendezvous. Indeed, it was around 1221 when Henry III assembled one of the finest armies ever raised in England.

The population of Portsmouth these days is circa 207,000 and rising slowly but surely, and it has all the hallmarks of a city where people actually want to be.

Sadly though, not enough of the good people living there are leasing their cars for some reason. Company leasing is on the up and up but private motorists tend to buy their vehicles, though we don?t know why because there are some very compelling reasons for leasing a new car with all the deals we have to offer.

One of the main factors we make a point of explaining to people is the huge amount of money they lose when purchasing a new car. Think about what that same car is worth in 3 years? time. Not a lot, as the saying goes.

But if you were to lease then all you would pay is one affordable payment per month until the end of the term, assuming that it is a 3 year lease, and then you hand it back to the dealer and take out another new car on lease, or simply walk away.

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