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We offer the best private and company car lease deals in Plymouth

For some reason the population of Plymouth is on the decline, not by too much but still a decline of around 2,000 from the official records of 2010 when it was 258,700.

Well there are many reasons why people move from one city to another, even from such a wonderful place such as Plymouth with its maritime heritage dating back hundreds of years.

Dare we suggest that the decline has something to do with the good people of Plymouth being unable to get the best car leasing deals so they have moved to somewhere they can?

Ouch! That was below the belt, but the purpose of this page is to try and explain some of the advantages of leasing new cars over buying them either outright or via HP.

Apart from little things such as having your newly leased vehicle delivered safely to your door, having your road taxes paid for you and having all your servicing paid for you if you have purchased a maintenance package alongside the lease, then there is one more major thing which most people don?t even think about at that stage.

Depreciation: If you buy a new car it depreciates, and the amount it depreciates over a 3 year period is astounding, so you may have lost up to half your original investment over 3 years.

When you lease a new car you pay an affordable monthly fee and at the end of the lease term you renew it and have another new car, or simply walk away.

You are always driving a new car when you lease and have no bills other than car insurance and fuel.

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