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Best car leasing terms in Northampton and district

Northampton, with an approximate population of 205,000, is a large market town in the East Midlands, and is apparently the fourth largest town (not city) in the country.

Northampton is traditionally known for shoemaking and other leather industries, but it has expanded on that by becoming an important regional business centre for many top companies due mainly to its location.

That we believe is an excellent intro to Northampton, but our aim is to persuade more of the private individuals and companies there to get involved in car leasing instead of buying their cars.

We have some exceedingly good car lease deals and some exceedingly good reasons for leasing instead of outlaying all those thousands of pounds on a new car, so just consider this:

You purchase a new car for ?20 K, for instance, and three years later you decide to sell it and buy something else. What will you get for your car after running it for that time and having it serviced regularly?

We believe that you won?t receive a great deal, probably half of the money you initially paid. You lose this mainly due to depreciation.

Consider then, that you had taken that same new vehicle on a car lease deal which would have cost you the same affordable amount each month, and had you bought a maintenance package alongside the lease you would have had all your servicing paid for too.

You also have your vehicle road taxes paid for you under the terms of a lease, so really all you have to find is car insurance and fuel.

Oh, and by the way, we deliver your newly leased car to your door in Northampton or wherever you live.

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