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We offer cheap company & private car lease deals in Poole

We are not a travel guide but Poole has a great deal going for it as a holiday & visitor destination with some of the best beaches in England, the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney and a maritime heritage which goes back some centuries.

Poole has an approximate population of 148,000 and a fair amount of those are car owners who have either bought their vehicle for cash or on hire purchase, but the purpose of this page is to explain to the good people of Poole some of the advantages of car leasing.

We have car lease deals for the people of Poole and district which may make them think twice about spending lots of their cash buying a new car outright, or worse still, via hire purchase.

Apart from some obvious advantages of leasing such as having your road taxes p[aid for you over the term of the lease, having all your servicing for nothing if you have purchased a maintenance package with the lease, then there is something huge which you may like to think about in addition to the above.

Depreciation: If you were to lease a car for 3 years you just pay an affordable monthly amount for it and at the end of the term you can either arrange to lease another new car and do the same again, or you can simply walk away. You lose no money.

However, if you had bought the same car and after 3 years decided to part exchange it for another new one, then what would it be worth?

Not much, so leasing a car either as a private individual or a company can save you money!

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