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We offer cheap car leasing in Reading, Berks

Reading in Berkshire appears to date back to the 8th century when it was an important town in medieval times. Reading was also an established Royalist stronghold in our civil war, and it played a major role in the Revolution of 1688.

In later years the town prospered with the arrival of the Great Western Railway, and these days is more of a commercial centre together with IT and insurance.

That?s all as may, be but our quest for this page is to explain some of the benefits of leasing a car over buying one, and there are some compelling reasons why our leasing deals can save you money, especially if you have a company car.

Apart from anything else though, when you lease a car through our company it will be delivered to your door in Reading or anywhere you wish, directly to your door. Under the terms of the lease you will pay no road taxes and if you buy a maintenance package alongside the lease then you pay no servicing costs.

The best advantage leasing a car over buying it lies with not having to lose a fortune after just 3 years or so due to depreciation. To explain this more fully, buy a new car and after 3 years see what it is worth? Not much! Maybe half your original investment.

Lease the same car for 3 years, pay the monthly repayments and return it to the dealer at the end of that time and what have you lost in depreciation?


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