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Cheap car leasing deals in Nottingham & district

We all know of the Robin Hood legend, Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest and the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham and, indeed, this city is famous for all that and more; the centuries old cave system underneath the city streets for example, that Nottingham was once world famous in the lace industry, but who would have thought that this medieval city would be also known for car leasing?

Of course car leasing in Nottingham is a relatively recent phenomenon but the dealers there are kept busy with customers from all over Nottinghamshire seeking the best and cheapest car leasing deals.

And who could blame them because there are some extremely good arguments in favour of leasing these days for both company and private deals.

The first advantage of car leasing over a straight purchase may appear small but it is that your newly leased car will be delivered free to your door anywhere on mainland UK.

There is no large amount of money changing hands with a car lease deal, no huge deposit that you would have to put down if the transaction was a purchase via HP, and of course you keep all your liquid cash in the bank as you won?t need it to lease your new car.

Other factors in favour of leasing are that all your running costs other than fuel and road tax are paid for you under the terms of the lease. That means there are no servicing charges at all when you lease a car through a dealer in Nottingham.

Business users also benefit by being able to offset a proportion of their monthly repayments against tax, but sadly, private lessees cannot do that.

We believe that all this makes for some wonderfully cheap motoring with a new car, so why buy when you can lease?

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