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Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, has a wealth of history just waiting for visitors to explore; the Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre where archaeologists found the oldest wheel in Britain just for a start. Peterborough Museum is apparently the city's most haunted building and they also have one of the best collections of marine monsters in the world there too.

The population of Peterborough these days is circa 185,000 with the inhabitants and visitors able to enjoy such things as the CAMRA Beer Festival, the East of England Show, and the Peterborough Festival, so we thing that the good people of Peterborough are about as lucky as it gets.

However, all this is a digression as the topic for this page is really car leasing and all the money it can save both private individuals and companies as opposed to buying new cars.

Leasing cars is arguably more economical for a company than a private person, unless he or she is covering a fair amount of mileage annually, but the big financial saving for either or both has to be the lack of depreciation which a lessee has against the outright buyer.

Consider that you have just bought a new car and I have leased the same make and model. My lease is for 3 years and you trade your car in for another after 3 years as well.

I simply renew my lease and drive away with a new vehicle, but the car you have bought and cherished 3 years ago is now worth but a fraction of the original purchase price.

You have lost a fair amount of your precious capital by purchasing your vehicle outright, and considerably more if you bought it on HP, but all I have outlayed is an affordable amount for the lease every month.

Please think about it!

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