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Best car leasing terms in Leicester & district.

Leicester, the east Midlands city, has a population of around 33,000 and it is the county town of Leicestershire which in turn is one of our major commercial and manufacturing centres

The region was settled by both Celtic tribes and the Romans, and in the city you can still see the Roman baths and Roman pavements. But we digress because the main topic for this page is all about persuading more of the inhabitants of Leicester into leasing their next cars rather than buying them.

Car leasing for both private individuals and companies in the Leicester area is becoming more and more popular, and quite rightly too because leasing has some huge advantages over buying your vehicle.

Consider the value of a car after having bought it new and run it for 3 years for instance. It will be worth a mere fraction of what it cost new due to depreciation, whereas if you had leased the same car from the same dealer you wouldn?t shed crocodile tears after 3 years when the lease expired.

So, you save a huge amount on depreciation alone, and you can then renew your lease and take out another new car for a further term of 1, 2, 3 or even 4 years. You will never pay for road tax while you lease, and if you purchase a maintenance pack you will never pay for servicing either. MOT tests do not apply to you because they will be paid for by your dealer.

This is why we think car leasing is a good thing for the people of Leicester.


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