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Cheap car leasing in Mansfield & district, Notts

Why not join the ranks of the car leasing fraternity and get yourself a bargain new car every few years and pay NO maintenance at all during that time?

It?s no joke! If you live in the Mansfield area then we can make this happen for you when you lease a new car from us because we can supply the best leasing deals in the whole area.

It works like this: you take out a new car from us on lease for 3 years for instance. There is no lump sum of money to deposit as there would be if you had bought the same car for cash, and there are no large monthly repayments loaded with interest as there would be had you bought it on hire purchase either.

All you do is pay the monthly sum agreed between yourself and the dealer for your new car for the term of the lease, and at the end of that time you can return it and exchange it for another leased car, or simply walk away.

There are some advantages when leasing a car, and the first one is that we deliver your car to your door in Mansfield totally free of charge.

During the leasing period you have no servicing bills to pay and nor do you have to buy any road tax as these are all covered under the terms of the lease. Even if your tyres wear out due to for normal wear and tear then they will be replaced and the same applies to wipers etc etc.

Basically, all you have to do is to buy car insurance and add fuel to your newly leased car as necessary.

Business lessees in Mansfield also benefit by being able to offset a certain amount of their repayments against tax, though that amount is decided by the value of the car and the amount of the lease.

Why not give us a call and arrange to have your next car on lease instead of spending all your hard earned money?

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