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Car lease, car leasing in Liverpool

As a city with its roots deeply embedded in the history of our country, a massively important port in the past, home of the iconic Beatles and a city looking to the future in terms of commerce and culture then Liverpool can be looked upon as a success story as a city a rich and vibrant place to be right now.

Of course, that little intro into Liverpool has nothing to do with the main aim of this page which is to persuade the good people of this city to lease their next car instead of buying it. There are some significant advantages in favour of car leasing over buying the vehicle, either as a cash deal or on hire purchase, and the first one is that lessees don?t suffer the same degree of vehicle depreciation that car buyers do.

The first advantage though is small but important in that you get to have your new car delivered free to your door in Liverpool. That applies to all lessees as does the fact that they have all their servicing and road tax paid for them over the term of the lease, so all they have to do is insure the car and add fuel.

Business users have an added advantage in that they are allowed to offset a portion of their lease repayments against tax, so we think the people of Liverpool have a bargain if they lease their next car.

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