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Car lease, car leasing in Manchester

The ancient city of Manchester can trace its beginnings back to a Roman fort erected in circa 79 AD near to the joining of the rivers Irwell and Medlock, and now it has an estimated half a million inhabitants, whilst the Greater Manchester Urban Area has an estimated 2.2 million.

All this is a far cry from the purpose of this page which is about car leasing for Mancunians whose ancestors have seen the boom of the industrial revolution in the 1800?s when there were no cars and, therefore, no car leasing.

The surprising fact is that these days the figures show that the inhabitants of Manchester are more interested in leasing their cars than most other British cities, so we must view these people as forward looking individuals who know a good deal when they see one.

And so it is that Manchester people have learned that to lease a car rather than buy it outright either as a cash deal or via hire purchase is beneficial to their wallets.

First of all, the lessee has the new car delivered to his or her door in Manchester totally free of charge, and this applies to both business and private customers.

Anyone leasing a car has all the servicing done free of charge and also the road tax is paid for the term of the lease.

But finally, business users in Manchester have the advantage of being able to offset part of their monthly lease repayments against tax, and surely, that is a good argument for leasing your next car?

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