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Best car leasing terms in Hull & district

The ancient city of Hull has been a trading centre for some centuries, a fishing and whaling centre in the past, a theatre for some of battles in the English Civil Wars and the town as it was then also played a key role in the slave trade too.

Uniquely the city of Hull has had its own telephone exchange since 1902, something which is much loved by the population of around a quarter of a million. All this leads us to the present day when we find that some residents of Hull like to lease their cars rather than buy them.

That method of acquiring a new vehicle is far from a new one and it is catching on with companies and private individuals alike because leasing cars has some compelling advantages over a straight purchase where a large chunk of your liquid assets are handed over to a dealer in return for a new car.

Bur even that is better than buying the same vehicle on hire purchase because by the time you have paid off the loan, let?s say after 3 years or so, the car is worth far, far less than when you bought it.

That is called depreciation but lessees don?t suffer from depreciation to anywhere near the extent that buyers do because when you lease a car you pay an affordable monthly payment for the term of the lease, and when that time is over you have the option to renew it and drive off with another new car, or simply walk away.

We firmly believe that leasing a car these days saves a great deal of hassle and expense.

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