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The best car leasing for Dudley and district

Dudley in the is located south of Wolverhampton and north west of the city of Birmingham. The history of Dudley stretches back to Anglo-Saxon times, and the castle has stood on a hill overlooking the town since the time of the Norman Conquest. All this is nice to know but has little or nothing to do with our topic for this page which is about car leasing in Dudley and district.

As it turns out, the good people of Dudley appear to be aware of some benefits of leasing cars and we believe that we can add to that awareness and make them really excited about it.

The thing is that there are certain advantages in having a car on lease as opposed to purchasing one. For instance, if you buy a car for hard cash you are using a large amount of your liquid equity as many a business owner knows only too well, so it is more cost effective for companies to lease rather than to outlay all that cash.

Let?s assume that the lease term is for 3 years. The individual or company has to pay something like 3 month?s repayments up front. For that they receive the new car they have chosen with the road tax paid for them. In fact, the customer never has to pay road tax under the contract.

One massive advantage which leasing a car has over buying the same vehicle is that there is no depreciation; the customer does not lose out by way of vehicle depreciation! Had he or she bought that vehicle then after 3 years it may only be worth half of what they paid for it.

We could go on and on in this vein so why don?t you give us a call or drop us an email for a quote?

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