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Cheap car leasing in Derby and district

Derby, the county town of Derbyshire and, lying as it does on the banks of the river Derwent, home to around 235,000 residents. Derby is also the home of Rolls Royce, or at least the aerospace division of it with all their high tech knowledge and equipment.

It seems that Derby people know a good thing when they see it because there is a higher than normal percentage of drivers in this city who have opted for leasing their car instead of going down the old fashioned route and buying it.

We believe that car leasing is the way forward for discerning drivers who are cost conscious and who need to regularly update their vehicles without losing too much in depreciation as they would had they bought a new one every three years.

We offer car funding to suit your individual circumstances and budget. We have competitive car leasing deals for businesses and private individuals.

In case some readers are unfamiliar with car leasing it differs entirely from buying a new car in that leasing does not require you to put down a large amount of your liquid assets to purchase or, similarly, as a deposit for hire purchase which is where you have to pay a large amount of money back to the finance company every month.

With car leasing you have little in the way of running expenses for the term of the lease other than car insurance and fuel as all road taxes and servicing costs are paid for you under the terms of the lease.

Your newly leased car will be delivered directly to your door in Derby by the way.


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