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Best car leasing deals in Durham and district

Archeologists that the Durham area was settled around 2000 BC, but the present city can clearly be traced back to AD 995 by a group of monks, hundreds of years before car leasing gained a foothold in our present way of life.

Well, as a national car leasing company we can offer the people of Durham some bargains; near enough any vehicle they want at the best possible prices.

Some manufacturers such as Audi and BMW encourage you to ?build your own car? via their huge range of engine options, levels of interior and interior trim, in fact, you name it and you can add it on to the cost of the car you are about to lease.

Fair enough, but we suggest a little caution here because some way or other these extras have to be paid for even though the costs are divided by the number of months of the lease which, after all, does deaden the blow just a tad.

But having pointed that out it is still our duty to encourage the people of Durham to lease their cars rather than buy them because there are some huge benefits to leasing which don?t apply when you spend all your savings on a new vehicle.

One such advantage to the lessee is in the fact that he or she does not suffer and depreciation over the lease period, but had he or she bought that car and run it for 3 years what would it be worth then? Very little, we can say for certain!

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