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The city of Southampton with a population of around 240,000 is the largest city of Hampshire and archeological finds in the immediate area suggest that it has been inhabited since the Stone Age.

Southampton around 70 AD and afterwards became an important trading port and defensive outpost of Winchester. So the city is ancient and has masses of history to be explored, but that is a far cry from our topic of this page which is all about persuading more of the inhabitants of Southampton to try leasing their car the next time they consider a change of vehicle.

To be fair, there are quite a few companies in the city which already lease their cars, but far less individuals have taken up private car leasing so we decided to show them just what they are missing.

When anyone buys a new car it devalues over a period of time, and when it is 3 years old and even in very good condition it is barely worth half of what you paid for it, and that?s if you paid for it in cash too.

If you bought it on hire purchase over 3 to 5 years then you will have paid all that interest to the finance company and when it is finally your own it has lost a huge amount of value, and you have paid out a fortune in interest charges too.

When you lease a new car over 3 years you pay an affordable monthly payment which also covers all your road taxes, but at the end of the term you simply hand it back to your dealer and walk away or renew the lease on another new car?.and so on.

That way you are very unlikely to have any major repairs to pay for because the car will be covered by a warranty, and you will totally forget what an MOT is!

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