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The best car leasing terms in Solihull and district

Solihull, as you may be aware, is a town in the West Midlands with a population of around 95,000, and is located about 9 miles southeast of Birmingham city centre.

Solihull probably surfaced about a thousand years ago as a small trading village, but these days it is highly residential and boasts some old timber framed houses and shops.

A nice and upmarket place to live then, and our quest using this page is to persuade the good people and companies of Solihull to give some thought to leasing their cars instead of buying them the next time they decide to exchange.

We have some company car leasing deals which will save a great deal of money without needing to outlay huge amounts of capital, and it works for the private leasing customer who covers around 12,000 or more per annum.

Not only is your newly leased car delivered directly to your door, your road taxes are paid for you for the term of the lease, so over a period of 3 years for instance, you save quite a large amount on that alone.

Should you buy a very economical maintenance package alongside your lease you will find that all servicing costs are paid your you as well, and MOTs are a thing of the past when you lease a car through ourselves.

All well and good, but if that isn?t enough then we can tell you that you will not suffer from depreciation as you would had you bought the vehicle and not leased it.

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