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 We offer the best available car leasing terms in Stafford and district

Stafford is of course the county town of Staffordshire and lies roughly 16 miles north of Wolverhampton and 18 miles south of Stoke on Trent. The population now is in the region of 70,000

Stafford is thought to have been founded circa 700 AD and it gradually became a reasonably prosperous trading centre until, in 913 AD it was annexed by the daughter of King Alfred the Great who built a fort there.

Well, you learn a little something every day but our project involving this page is to better explain the benefits of car leasing to the good people of Stafford and district because there are some exceptionally good reasons for leasing as opposed to buying the same vehicle.

Lease a car and you immediately begin to benefit, and the first thing you will notice is that your newly leased vehicle will be delivered directly to your door in Stafford, or wherever you live. The second thing you will notice is that your road taxes are paid for you during the term of the lease.

After that you may decide to purchase an inexpensive maintenance package which looks after all your servicing costs so you virtually have nothing else to pay for other than car insurance and fuel.

The big saving though is in depreciation, or the lack of it if you lease, because if you were to purchase a new vehicle and decide to sell it after 3 years or so it will only be worth a fraction of the original price.

Car leasing doesn?t work like that because all you pay throughout the lease term is an affordable monthly payment, and at the end of the term you can either renew the lease on another new car, or just walk away. Either way, you don?t suffer from the depreciation problem when you lease a car through us.


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