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Car leasing for private individuals

Why should we have a separate page for private/personal car leasing you may ask? The main reasons are that it makes things easier for the dealers as some are more geared to talking to companies and their needs than to private individuals.

There are also possible tax incentives for business which don?t apply to the general public. Other than that personal car leasing is more or less the same as that for a company, and most of the leasing deals on offer apply to both private people and companies.

For those who are unaware of the benefits of leasing a car as opposed to  making an outright purchase then let us explain:

Buy a new car from a dealer and you obviously have to pay for it somehow, so that is either by paying cash with your hard earned savings, or via hire purchase where you make a sizeable deposit and pay the balance over so many years.

With personal leasing you do not have to put down a huge deposit and nor do you have to use your savings to buy the car. Instead of that you simply choose the vehicle you want to lease plus any extras you fancy and time you want the lease to run for ? let?s say 3 years, just for instance.

Your cost of your chosen car plus the extras is all totted up and divided by the number of months for which you have opted to lease. 

Some car leasing benefits for private/personal lessees
We deliver all cars newly leased through ourselves directly to your door ? anywhere on the UK mainland - free of charge. 

All your servicing costs are paid for you for the term of the lease.

All road taxes are paid for the duration of the lease 

You do not pay for any depreciation as you would had you bought the car

When the lease expires you can either renew it and take out another new car, or simply walk away.                      

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