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Company car leasing on mainland UK

There are lots of company cars on the road and always have been. At one time during the bad old days many years ago when Wilson, Callaghan & Co were in power the only people who had enough money to buy cars were companies ? and even they were hard pressed to do so.

A great many companies these days have their cars on lease, the length of which to suit them and their budgets, but we find that leasing for 3 years is the most popular term.

You may ask why company car leasing is so popular and there are several answers to that question as well as the fact that your newly leased company car will be delivered directly to your door.

During the term of the lease all servicing is paid for by the company which finances the lease, and added to that is road tax, tyres if necessary and all parts which may need to be replaced during the leasing term.

Lease a company car and the lessee is able to recoup a proportion of the monthly repayments and offset this against tax. The amount set against tax is decide4d by the value of the car and the amount of the lease so there is no set figure to use as an example.

We look upon company car leasing as an extremely sensible move by which the company need not outlay any considerable sum of money as it would when purchasing or buying the same car on finance.

So, when your company leases a car all you need do is to buy car insurance and add fuel as necessary.


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